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Dionne Holt Homecare of NJ is here to assist you with: 

Home Care Services


Live-in Home Care and Nursing Visits

House Calls of NJ can provide medical evaluation, including EKG and can prescribe medication for acute and chronic conditions. House Calls of NJ also has access to groups that can deliver other services including:


Dental, Eye, Podiatric (foot) care            Influenza Vaccination (flu shot)

Visiting Nurse Services                           X-Ray and Ultrasound

Hospice Care                                          Physical therapy and fall prevention

Laboratory Services                                Speech therapy and swallowing evaluation


Specialist Services

Geriatrics (elder care) and Palliative (comfort) care, this is a service for patients who have trouble getting to a doctor's office.

As we provide quality medical care for patients in their own homes, Ms. Holt cannot provide emergency treatment and has no office in which to see patients and has no hospital privileges.

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